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The most loved season is here, summer! The organ that is associated with this season is the Heart. As a rule, the Heart is very sensitive in the summertime. The Heart is in the Yin channel, and when the summer Yang arrives, it can increase the Qi level of the Heart and therefore cause issues to one’s health. Any disturbances that are considered harmful to the Heart are more severe during the summertime.



The emotion connected to the Heart is happiness. Although happiness is viewed as something positive, sometimes too much of a good thing can cause harm. When one is excessively happy, they tend to be very excited. This over excitement causes an increase of Qi to the Heart. This causes an excess of the Heart Fire. This is illustrated by fever, delirium, fast heart beat, profound restlessness, insomnia, a bright red face and a red or blistered painful tongue. The color of the tongue reflects the condition of the heart blood.


The main functions of the Heart are correlated with the Shen (spirit) and the blood vessels. The Heart governs the blood vessels and is responsible for circulating blood through them.     Shen (spirit) refers to the function of processing all incoming sensory and emotional information and supervising the body&mind reaction to it. Therefore, some forms of emotional distress, dizziness, palpitations, and shortness of breath.

Almost all the issues and disorders of the Heart are correlated with excess. There are four major types of Heart weaknesses. They are Deficient Heart Qi, Deficient Heart Yang, Deficient Heart Blood and Deficient Heart Yin.

Deficient Heart Qi has symptoms of by general lethargy, panting and shallow breathing and frequent sweating.
Deficient Heart Yang has symptoms of a swollen, with bluish-green color, and the limbs are cold.
Deficient Heart Blood has symptoms of restlessness, irritability, dizziness, absentmindedness, and insomnia.
Deficient Heart Yin has symptoms of flushed feelings in the palms and face, low grade fever, and night sweating.

Bitter is the flavor with direct connection to the Heart. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine,bitter taste  can clear heat from the body, especially from the heart. When someone has excess heat, the body will show symptoms such as ulcers in the mouth, red face, emotional, heart palpitations, anxiety, insomnia and dreaminess. Usually the urine is dark or yellow. The tip of the tongue can be very red or burning, with a bitter taste in the mouth. Sometimes the origin of the heat comes from the liver or gall bladder. Eating some bitter foods can make your treatment more successful such as: bitter melon(ku gua),   mustard leaf and other bitter green vegetables.


Ku Gua (bitter melon)

Qigong training, such as Baduanjin Qigong, during the summertime, will help regulate the Heart.



References: The Root of Chinese Qigong, Dr Yang,Jwing-Ming,1997


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