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Class schedule : Tuesdays 9-9:45 AM
Saturdays 8-8:45 AM

$50/ month



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Yin/Yang in Qi Gong


The concept of Yin and Yang has a deep meaning within the world of Qi Gong. Yin/Yang in Qi Gong practice, does not mean that there are two type of Qi. Qi is Qi. When one says that Qi is Yin or Yang, it means that the Qi is too strong or too weak. This means it is a relative, not an absolute. If the Qi is stronger than t is in the normal state, it is Yang, and when if it is weaker than this, it is Yin.

When discussing Qi within the body, the reference point is a normal, healthy status of Qi in a part of the body. If the Qi is stronger than it is in the normal state, it is Yang, and naturally, if it is weaker than this, it is Yin. Certain organs of the body are split into Yin or Yang organs. The Yin organs are the heart, lungs, kidneys, liver, and spleen. The Yang organs are the gall bladder, large intestine, small intestine, stomach, and bladder. Generally speaking, the Qi level of the Yin organs is lower than that of the Yang organs. The Yin organs store Original Essence and process the Essence obtained from food and air, while the Yang organs handle the digestion and excretion.

When the Qi in any of your organs is not in its normal state, you feel discomfort. If it is very much off from the normal state, the organ will start to malfunction, and you may then become sick. When this happens, the Qi in your entire body will also be affected and you will feel too Yang, such as perhaps feverish, or too Yin, such as weakness after diarrhea.

Your body’s Qi level is also affected by natural environmental circumstances such as weather, climate, and seasonal changes. That is why it is not advisable to practice Qigong when there is a sudden weather change (eg.thunderstorm) because your practice will interfere with body’s natural readjustment to the new environment.


Not a time to practice Qi Gong!

Your body’s Qi level is also affected by your natural environments, such as the weather, climate and seasonal changes. Therefore, when the body’s Qi level is classified, the reference point is the level which feels most comfortable for those particular circumstances. Therefore each one of us is different and what feels best and most natural for one person may be a bit different from what is right for another person.

Breath is closely related to the state of your Qi, and therefore also considered Yin or Yang. When you exhale you expel air from your Lungs, your mind moves outward, and the Qi around the body expands. Therefore, one’s exhale is Yang, expanding, offensive and strong, while the inhale is Yin.

Emotion’s too have Yin and Yang. When one loses their temper, your breathing is short and fast becoming Yang. When you are sad, your body is more Yin, and you inhale more than you exhale to absorb the Qi from the air to balance the body’s Yin to bring back into balance. When you are excited and happy, your body is Yang. You exhale longer than you inhale in order to get rid of the excess Yang caused by the excitement.

The concept of Yin and Yang is a founding part of Chinese philosophy and medicine.
Within the universe it is believed that it is made up of 2 opposite forces, Yin and Yang. They must balance each other. This also applies to the human body. When the Yin and Yang in the human body lose their balance, sickness and even death can occur. The Yin and Yang forces of the earth can affect the Yin/Yang balance in the human body. Therefore, if you wish to have a healthy body and live a long life, you need to know how to adjust your body’s Yin/Yang, and how to coordinate your Qi with the Yin/Yang energy of heaven and earth.

Practitioners of Chinese medicine and Qi Gong believe that they must seek to understand the Yin and Yang of nature and the human body before they can adjust and regulate the body’s energy balance into a more harmonious state. Only then can health be maintained and the causes of sickness can be corrected.

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 It seems everywhere I look in the fitness and martial art industry, everyone seems to have certifications form A to Z. If there’s something new and fashionable in the industry, people are running out to get certified in it.
 I’m not knocking down certificates, I do think they are usefull, but I feel some people view them as more important than the actual person teaching. There are trainers out there with certifications coming out of their ears; but when one sees their actual knowledge and skills, one questions all those certs.
 Many times a month, I get people wanting to get certified as a Combat Sambo instructor thru me. Yes, I do offer this, but it takes some time, and must go thru two levels, even before one can become an apprentice instructor. Notice the word, apprentice, doesn’t mean a full instructor. Some people are insulted when I tell them that they have to go thru all the steps before getting one. They say they have years of experience in this and that, so why can’t I just get the cert? It would be like me saying the same thing back. No, if I wanted to learn a new style or technique form someone else, I too would go thru the steps..it only makes sense.
 It seems everyone wants to become an instructor right away, without going thru the first steps. There are places that feed this need, by offering certs to teach , by making an application, and of course, paying the fee.
 Of course there are teachers out there with many certifications, who are highly skilled. My main point is that people try to be impressive with all their certifications, and it all ends up a huge circus act.


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I had a great opportunity to be able to train with the pro-fighters of the Pancrase affiliated fighters. These fighters are under the group the name Pancrasism.

Their training started at 12 noon. It started off with light warm up, the 2-3 rounds 3 min shadow boxing. From there, we did takedown entries, back and forth( you go-he goes). Then came the main, sparring. It was 5 min. rounds with 30 sec(!) breaks. You went with as many as possible. The day I was there was grappling( from stand-up…yes!!) those having a match soon did MMA sparring.

From there, we did a circuit training. Circuit was sprawls-jumping lunges with weights-get ups with weights-box jumps(done on ring). This was done 2-3 times. Then was abs. Crunches and hip raises with feet on wall. We finished off with weight on back and doing static push-up holds and modified push-ups.


Circuit training


We cooled down and ended of with meditation.


Pancrasism fighters and me

What I like about training here is that the gym is simple, just like Club Kozak. No high-tech ,in-style training facility. Their tools are simple, but the heart and spirit is very strong. I find that people get entranced with in-fashion and intricate gyms, when the simplistic ones can offer the most.

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What is Qi?

Big question people ask is what really is Qi?

Qi in basic terms is the energy which fills the univere. Is it something we can see?..no.  Something we can feel? Well that depends on what we define as “feel”.
I am “feeling good today”. In that sense yes we can say our Qi is higher and we “feel” in health. In terms of a physical feelling, well some people say they can physically feel theirs or others Qi. Myself..no.

The most important thing about Qi is that it shouldn’t be seen as a mystical or esoteric thing. Its just the natural force with in our bodies and in our surroundings. I think many people are intimidated or confused when certain teachers talk to much about the “mystical” aspects of Qi.

In the Chinese and also Japanese language (Ki), Qi is used widely to define a type of energy that is able to  show power and strength. Therefore  it has a much wider use within these cultures and languages.

In modern understandings, Qi can be understood as the bio-electrical energy. Just think of it as if the battery is low, the machine does not perform to its best. Same with humans, low Qi causes a slower system, leaving us open to illnesses and bad health in general.

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