We will be doing a Baduanjin Qigong seminar, Saturday, Feb. 8th,  from 9-11am. Cost is $30.

Will be covering the standing series of Baduanjin


Location: 4850 Welllington, Verdun QC




There wil be a Baduanjin qigong seminar June 22 from 9-11 AM.

Location: Club Kozak, 4850 Wellington, Montreal QC



More info: info@clubkozak.com




There will be Qigong workshop December 15th from 9:30 – 11:30 AM.

Location 4850 Wellington, Verdun  Qc H4G 1X4



Our Teacher

The instructor lived in Asia for many years and has traveled extensively thru-out Asia too.

He started his Qigong training in Montreal, while studying East Asian Studies at McGill University. During his studies, he traveled extensively thru-out Asia.

After his graduation, he moved and lived in Taiwan for a year and a half. There, he trained in Qigong specializing in the style of the style of Baduanjin Qigong.

From there, he moved and lived in Japan for over 5 years. He traveled back to Taiwan during this time to upkeep his Qigong skills.

Now he teaches Baduanjin style Qigong, both standing and seated forms.


 It seems everywhere I look in the fitness and martial art industry, everyone seems to have certifications form A to Z. If there’s something new and fashionable in the industry, people are running out to get certified in it.
 I’m not knocking down certificates, I do think they are usefull, but I feel some people view them as more important than the actual person teaching. There are trainers out there with certifications coming out of their ears; but when one sees their actual knowledge and skills, one questions all those certs.
 Many times a month, I get people wanting to get certified as a Combat Sambo instructor thru me. Yes, I do offer this, but it takes some time, and must go thru two levels, even before one can become an apprentice instructor. Notice the word, apprentice, doesn’t mean a full instructor. Some people are insulted when I tell them that they have to go thru all the steps before getting one. They say they have years of experience in this and that, so why can’t I just get the cert? It would be like me saying the same thing back. No, if I wanted to learn a new style or technique form someone else, I too would go thru the steps..it only makes sense.
 It seems everyone wants to become an instructor right away, without going thru the first steps. There are places that feed this need, by offering certs to teach , by making an application, and of course, paying the fee.
 Of course there are teachers out there with many certifications, who are highly skilled. My main point is that people try to be impressive with all their certifications, and it all ends up a huge circus act.


I had a great opportunity to be able to train with the pro-fighters of the Pancrase affiliated fighters. These fighters are under the group the name Pancrasism.

Their training started at 12 noon. It started off with light warm up, the 2-3 rounds 3 min shadow boxing. From there, we did takedown entries, back and forth( you go-he goes). Then came the main, sparring. It was 5 min. rounds with 30 sec(!) breaks. You went with as many as possible. The day I was there was grappling( from stand-up…yes!!) those having a match soon did MMA sparring.

From there, we did a circuit training. Circuit was sprawls-jumping lunges with weights-get ups with weights-box jumps(done on ring). This was done 2-3 times. Then was abs. Crunches and hip raises with feet on wall. We finished off with weight on back and doing static push-up holds and modified push-ups.


Circuit training


We cooled down and ended of with meditation.


Pancrasism fighters and me

What I like about training here is that the gym is simple, just like Club Kozak. No high-tech ,in-style training facility. Their tools are simple, but the heart and spirit is very strong. I find that people get entranced with in-fashion and intricate gyms, when the simplistic ones can offer the most.

According to Chinese medicine, our emotions are tighly related to our organs. Anger affects the liver; Happiness affects the heart; melancholy affects the spleen; sadness affects the lungs; fear affects the kidneys.

Therefore to protect one’s kidneys, one should avoid fear. Fear originates from one’s mind. One should remembe that fear will not solve certain problems. One must face one’s personal dilemmas and search for the proper solutions.
Once one’s mind is clear, one will understand how to avoid situations that cause one to be in fear. This is the process of regulating one’s mind, and is the way to maintain your kidneys in better condition.