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We will be doing a Baduanjin Qigong seminar, Saturday, Feb. 8th,  from 9-11am. Cost is $30.

Will be covering the standing series of Baduanjin


Location: 4850 Welllington, Verdun QC




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There wil be a Baduanjin qigong seminar June 22 from 9-11 AM.

Location: Club Kozak, 4850 Wellington, Montreal QC



More info: info@clubkozak.com




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Our Teacher

The instructor lived in Asia for many years and has traveled extensively thru-out Asia too.

He started his Qigong training in Montreal, while studying East Asian Studies at McGill University. During his studies, he traveled extensively thru-out Asia.

After his graduation, he moved and lived in Taiwan for a year and a half. There, he trained in Qigong specializing in the style of the style of Baduanjin Qigong.

From there, he moved and lived in Japan for over 5 years. He traveled back to Taiwan during this time to upkeep his Qigong skills.

Now he teaches Baduanjin style Qigong, both standing and seated forms.

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What is Qi?

Big question people ask is what really is Qi?

Qi in basic terms is the energy which fills the univere. Is it something we can see?..no.  Something we can feel? Well that depends on what we define as “feel”.
I am “feeling good today”. In that sense yes we can say our Qi is higher and we “feel” in health. In terms of a physical feelling, well some people say they can physically feel theirs or others Qi. Myself..no.

The most important thing about Qi is that it shouldn’t be seen as a mystical or esoteric thing. Its just the natural force with in our bodies and in our surroundings. I think many people are intimidated or confused when certain teachers talk to much about the “mystical” aspects of Qi.

In the Chinese and also Japanese language (Ki), Qi is used widely to define a type of energy that is able to  show power and strength. Therefore  it has a much wider use within these cultures and languages.

In modern understandings, Qi can be understood as the bio-electrical energy. Just think of it as if the battery is low, the machine does not perform to its best. Same with humans, low Qi causes a slower system, leaving us open to illnesses and bad health in general.

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Greetings all

We are teaching  Qigong in the Verdun borough of Montreal.

The Qi Gong classes will cover the Ba Duan Jin (Eight pieces of Brocade),  standing and sitting form, and exercises to help relieve back and joint pains.

Classes are available for private lessons only.

We are located at 4850 Wellington at the Club Kozak martial arts center.

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